Genepy - rare mountains herb

This name brings together small and rare mountain herbs belonging to the Artemisia genus. In summer they grow at an altitude of 2000 metres in their natural habitat, namely morainal soils located at the foot of glaciers, along the length of the western Alpine range.
Among the various species, we use Artemisia genipi (Spicata) and Artemisia Mutellina to produce our liqueurs. Artemisia genipi, also known as male Genepy, presents a compact greyish yellow efflorescence while Artemisia Mutellina is taller and characterized by a yellowish bloom with multiple heads. These two uniquely scented artemisiae are by far the most aromatic and offer the highest concentration of active ingredients which produce a stimulating action on the digestive tract.
Mountain traditions have conferred many other healthy properties on these little plants. Indeed, due to its antiseptic, balm-like, diuretic and fever-reducing qualities, Genepy was also known in Aosta Valley as the “aspirin of the mountain folk”.